Mohun Bagan team is currently in Kalimpong in a residential camp. The camp started on July 30th and team will return to Kolkata on August 8th. This training is basically to improve fitness on team. Coach Karim said, “I am very happy with this place. I always wanted to have a residential camp in a place like Kalimpong. The main aim of this residential camp is to improve fitness, abilty, endurance of the players.”

"After this camp, we will have few days of light training in Mohun Bagan ground where team will play two practice match. From August 17th to August 31st, our 2nd residential camp which might be held in Durgapur will be basically technical/tactical." He also added, "I am very happy with the condition of the players and the way team is progressing. This camp will also help in coordination of the team and help build team spirit."

Today there were 2 practice sessions. Since yesterday and today was hard session for players, tomorrow coach has decided to give a little break. Tomorrow’s morning session practice will be basically light training, some jogging and exercise in hotel itself. In afternoon, team will go to a local school where there is a basketball court, swimming pool. Coach Karim said from Kalimpong, "I will divide team into may be three groups and engage them in basketball, swimming/tennis and badminton. Swimming will depend on condition of swimming pool." On August 5th, Mohun Bagan will participate in an exhibition match with a local team from Kalimpong.

Yesterday, on first day, team basically underwent fitness training and commando training which comprised of walking on hands, running over hurdles, and also power training involving running with water filled tumbler. However, Chiddi and Barreto is having less workup to do as they have just joined the team, coach will increase workload on them gradually.

Mohun Bagan might participate in IFA shield and Durand Cup before start of I league. However, final decision has not been made yet by the officials. Coach said, "I am preparing my team in such a way that they will be able to participate in any tournament that officials wish to participate in. Final decision will be made by the officials regarding this."

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