Team Mohun Bagan watched the movie EGARO at Nandan. Much awaited film, Egaro, released yesterday and the entire Mohun Bagan squad along with coaches and officials watched the movie in the first show at Nandan on Friday evening.Team Mohun Bagan reached Nandan after the practice session along with the coaching staff. The film EGARO based on the 1911 IFA Shield victory of Mohun Bagan over East Yorkshire Regiment, and as a consequence the pride of British Football was
given a major jolt, while Indian National pride received a huge impetus.

Mohun Bagan players have watched the movie and was feeling very proud of beeing a part of the glorious legacy of their current club. They told that they are playing in such a club, which is not only a club but an institution which had so much of contribution to the freedom of India. Jayanta, Chidi, Souvick,  Ashim, Azim, Muritala and others players were looking very excited and delighted after watching the movie and T.D. Subhas Bhowmick had to go out before end of the movie due to some personal commitment. Coach Sujit Chakraborty is the another person who will come again to see the movie with his family. T.D. Subhas Bhowmick told that if a movie like Lagan can be a superhit, why not this film? This film is based on real incident while Lagan is totally fictitious.

The Nandan ambient was something that city never used to be accustomed with especially for a movie just going to be released. “I have never seen before, such an enthusiastic crowd, colourfull all around. It hasn’t been the case with other so called stardom movies” was the quote from a mid aged lady who spent most of her life covering cultural activities for a Bengali daily. “It’s great to be a part of this specially for people like me who is currently playing for Mohun Bagan” said Ishfaq Ahmed, the captain of Mohun Bagan for 2010-11.

 Although the movie has been picturised on the historic victory of Mohun Bagan, people may have done injustice to their own by calling the movie meant for Mohun Bagan merely. The movie is all about pure passion; passion towards our country and that passion can be entitled in the name of patriotism. "All the members of The Immortal XI should be awarded as Bharat Ratna" was the vocal of Prasun Banerjee, former Indian international who used to mesmerize people with his football skill while playing for Mohun Bagan.  

The indoor atmosphere of Nandan was also erupted as soon as the Mohun Bagan players came, not in reality on the screen. The viewers applauded every bit of scripts that contained Mohun Bagan. One such incidence was a scene where it was showing mass coming to see the match by a boat; the boat was crowded with fanatic supporters coming from different parts of Bengal and even from Dhaka, Khulna and they were carrying green and maroon flag with them. Crowd cheered this particular scene heavily standing on their feet. The moment Abhilas Ghosh scored the winner the entire Nandan exploded “GOAAAAAAL”.

 At the end of the movie when Aamader Surjyo Maroon was playing, crowd took it for a chorus and started singing inside the hall.

It was really an unknown Nandan, knowing every pulse of the crowd and remaining unknown to its own.                 

Egaro is showing in following cinema halls and multiplexes:

Nandan-1 (6.30PM), Priya (1PM), Metro (12.30PM), Manoka (4.30PM), Star (1PM), Ajanta (3.45 PM/ 8.10PM), Ashoka (4PM), Inox (City Centre-3.40PM, Swabhumi-3.20PM, Rajarhat 6.45PM, Durgapur-3.15PM, Burdwan-4PM, Shiliguri 4PM), Fame (Highland Park-1.45PM, South City-7.30PM), Bioscope (Rajarhat 12.45PM, 8PM), Jayanti (Barrackpore-1.30PM, 6PM), Bijoya (Barasat 1PM, 7PM), Lok Sanskriti Mancho Burdwan, Chitra (Bolepur)


Picture Courtesy : Sangbad Pratidin

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