Today Players Status Committee of IFA slammed a fine of Rs. 2 Lakh on Snehasish Chakraborty, and after he pays the fine he will be a free player and can play in the club of his choice.

The committee had sent the original documents of East Bengal’s contract, which the player claims to have been forged to a handwriting expert. Dr. Rajani Kanta Das, former Director of Question Document Examination Branch of CID and presently works as a consultant for High Court and City Civil Court examined the documents and came to conclusion that they were all Snehasish’s signature and so Snehasish has been fined Rs. 2 lakh, Utpal Ganguly said in a press meet. However, in the contract it was written that East Bengal had paid Rs. 1 lakh to Snehasish, but later they denied that they did not pay anything to him. So, since there was no payment, the contract has been canceled and after paying the fine, he will be a free player and can play in any club of his choice.

The media protested against this decision today and asked why East Bengal was not fined for lying in the contract that they had paid Rs. 1 lakh to the player.

Mohun Bagan official Debasish Dutta said, "The decision was most unfortunate and we will give him full support. The whole meeting was a gotup one. Earlier in Baichung issue also they failed to take any decision against the guilty one, this time also they failed to do so."

When we contacted Snehasish, he seemed very upset with this decision and said that he will first see the papers and then will comment about it. However, we heard from a reliable source that he might pay the fine and sign for Mohun Bagan soon.

It is very unfortunate that IFA could not take any decision against East Bengal even after they have lied in the contract that they have paid Rs. 1 lakh to the player which they later denied.

Meanwhile, after 1 day rest, Mohun Bagan team will resume practice tomorrow, there will be two practice sessions tomorrow.

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