Kromah showed it, and Marcos confirmed the same.

Just a quality striker and Bagan defense skeleton is out yet again. Marcos single handedly destroyed the defense the way Kromah did it.

Current Bagan team has a problem, Fran is the libero, but is coming as a substitute.

This became costly as Bagan went down 1-2 in Durand final against Gokulam Kerala. Gokulam, with jut 37% ball possession was better of the two teams. They went with 6 men on attack and 8 men in defense. While for Bagan, it was 1.5 men on attack and 2.5 on defense.


Ball possession in the midfield does not win matches, and the team will need a proper squad for defense and attack.

Had it not been Debjit, Bagan could have conceded two more goals.

However refereeing standard will remain in question as Bagan was deprived of a penalty in dying moments. That should not take the credit out of Gokulam, who deserved the Cup much more than any other team this season.