Mohun Bagan’s biggest rival in last 7 years is undisputably Bengaluru FC. With Dempo withdrawing it’s team, Bengaluru became the biggest challenger for Bagan in the 21st century.


The teams met again today at Goa, and Bagan boys played their hearts out. A David Williams goal at the 33rd minute ensures Bagan improves the statistics in this Indian El Classico.


Bagan went for attack from the very first minute and played pressing football. Bengaluru was clueless and had started rough tackling Bagan boys. But their aggression didnot help.

Bagan almost scoredtwice, however a David Williams brilliance saw Bagan lead in 33rd min when he scored from outside the box.

Bagan got few more chances in both halves but failed to increase the lead.


Improved refereeing by SreeKrishna helped maintain the tone of the game and upheld the spirit as well.

Williams was declared Man of the Match.