Antonio López Habas had a strategy in mind. Defunct the Goa midfield.


The boys exactly did what the coach has asked for, did not give Goa a territory to play. 10 men wen down defending, 7 went up in the attacking third to press Goa.


That made Goanese frustrated and it was seen in their faces. They were not getting enough space. They started losing the game and losing their temperament.


Bagan got three warnings, 2 of them were disputed yellow cards for sure, while at least for three occasions Goa got referee’s favour.


However, Bagan were in favourable position at least 4 times, while Arindam was able to keep scoresheet clean for twice.


Krishna was fouled in the 85th minute inside the box, and Bagan was awarded penalty.


Krishna made no mistake in converting that to a goal (1-0) that sealed the fate of the game. Bagan rises to second spot , next to Mumbai due to goal average.