Government of India’s demonetisation drive has no impact on Indian refereeing. This was seen in the first iLeague game in Barasat stadium when referee denied Aizawl FC clear penalty and even did not warn a player after he hit Aizawl player after scoring an equalizer.

Indian refereeing  remain unchanged in the second iLEague game in Barasat stadium. Duffy fouled on the edge of the box- no foul; Yusa in scoring position – given offside, Subhashish got marching order for a foul not even worth a booking… the saga continues.

However referee failed to stop Bagan from securing vital 3 points. Bagan won 1-0. Balwant scored the all important goal, and Indian football’s farce saw a Churchill Brothers player getting a player of the match award.

Bagan could have increased the margin but Duffy, Yusa and Souvik missed from 6 yards each. However Kingshuk and Pritam’s understanding needs to be improved.

Players who stole hearts of the spectators include Souvik, Anas, Prabir Das.

Yusa, Kean , Sehnaj played well, however will have to improve in future. Duffy played as withdrawal forward and needs to improve as well. It was a pleasure to see Balwant back in action.

Overall a good match inspite of extremely poor refereeing.