Mohun Bagan’s humiliation at Balewadi cannot be excused as a bad performance. It cannot be explained by the brilliance of Wahingdoh. It was a culmination of the last 5 yers of Hemanta Dora’s reign as goalkeeping coach of Bagan. It was testament to his total failure to address his side’s glaring flaws. End result – Shilton , Sangram continue to make mistakes for years. It was total and utter mayhem.

Bagan was a favourite in the tournament. After the first match it is doubtful whether the team will qualify for semifinal. Reason ? Poor goalkeeping by Shilton – a disease that cost Bagan at least 10 trophies in last 5 years. Bagan is in final – but concede goals for poor goalkeeping. And the only coaching staff untouched – is Dora.   Don’t worry – another such defeat – Darby will be out and Dora will continue to reign.

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