Steve Darby may wish to seek the guidance of his most recent conqueror on how to quell a gathering storm. Pradhyum Reddy’s team lost 3-1 against Churchill Brothers – came back well and won 3-1 against Mohun Bagan -a team with costliest forward line in India. Steve Darby meanwhile has lot to explain to the fans and followers of Mohun Bagan and should be ready to be grilled by the fans of Mohun Bagan when his team is back in Kolkata. Not simply because Mohun Bagan lost, this is the second consecutive defeat in the season (with only 2 matches so far), this was first ever a deal of two consecutive losses for Bagan in a Federation Cup history. That too – against two minnows from North East -who play Second division iLeague.

But – a more important point – what is wrong with Bagan ? A simple answer – lack of leadership in defense – lack of leadership in midfield and poor show by the costly forward line.

Some questions –

1. It is no more the Shilton we knew in 2008. Has his focus been lost? Or is there a phychological problem ? the killer in him is gone. One can recall the goal he gifted Robin singh last year. Today’s third goal was worst than that.

2. Sunil Chettry is considered as  "best Indian forward" in current Indian football. He has failed to score at least 5 goals in 1-to-1 situations. Is he losing his cool when he is inside the box?

3. Odafa is not even 50% match fit. Why didn’t he openly said the same  ? He failed to deliver.

4. When will Rakesh Mahis be matured?

5. Why is Simon Storey in Mohun Bagan jersey?

6. When will Darby be able to get his defenders to concentrate for an entire match ?

Lastly why spend 13 Crored for this team ? What guarantee do we have that Bagan will win a single Trophy this year? When?

The worry, of course is that defeat at the Fed Cup against the lesser known teams could become routine in this season.

God save Mohun Bagan.


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