Ansumana Kromah continues his dream run against Mohun Bagan as Peerless won 3-0 against the title holder. Peerless was up 1-0 in the first time and scored two more thanks to the goalkeeping capabilities of Shilton Paul.


Paul has not learnt when to step out and when not in 14 years and this year again Bagan supporters will have nightmares with him under the cross piece.


It was evident that Mohun Bagan had no second scorer in the first game in the season, and the second game exposed the midfield and defense.

But then when you have qualities of Bagui and Shilton in the team, you are gambling too much.


Moreover Salva missed a goal at the beginning of second half as his header rebounds the bar post and he failed to connect it again.


Bagan missed a penalty at the dying moment, however fate was sealed by that time. Kromah single handedly destroyed Bagan like he has been doing the same after he was asked to leave the team two seasons back.