History of Mohun Bagan – Presented by MohunBaganClub.com

Diamond Jubilee – 1940 to 1949

In 1940, the then General Secretary Barrister Sailen Banerjee became the Vice President of the Club. That year Club again reached the final of IFA Shield and lost to Aryans by 4 goals to 1. In 1941, another Barrister B.C.Ghosh replaced Sailen Banerjee. He was elected as the General Secretary. This year Deven Guin left us.In 1942, for the first time ever, an Insurance Scheme was implemented for the medical aid of the injured players during match. A medical Board comprising of reputed doctors was formed. A Trusty Board was also formed in the initiative of Solicitor B.K.Ghosh and Barrister S.K.Gupta for the monetary support of the Club. First Board’s prime members were Jatindranath Basu, S.N.Banerjee, P.N.Mitra, CIE Hriday Ghosh, Solicitor B.K.Ghosh and Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy. In 1943 and 1944, Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta League in succession. In 1944, B.C.Ghosh became the Vice-President of the Club and  Dr.S.K.Gupta took charge of the General Secretary. In the meantime, Junior Football team was formed under the leadership of famous footballer Balai Das Chattopadhyay. He tried to popularize baseball and rugby. In the same year, Kanai Sen passed away, who contributed a lot for the development of the Club.

In 1945, Mohun Bagan’s Vice-President and first Captain, Manilal Sen and ex-member Sir N.N.Sarkar passed away. This year Kartis, player of England and Arsenal provided coaching to the Club. On the request of Calcutta Newspapers Relief Fund Committee Club played a Charity Match for the Flood relief Fund for the people of Midnapore.

In 1946, Club lost its founder Secretary and existing President, Jatindranath Basu. Basu‘s contributions for the Club’s development are endless and incomparable.

In 1947, Mohun Bagan got invitation in Madura Cup but was beaten by Hyderabad Police in the final. On the way of return, Club’s Players took blessings of ‘Sree Ma’, better known as ‘Mother’ at the Aurobinda Ashram of Pondichery. Another glory added to Club’s credit this year when Mohun Bagan again won the IFA Shield. This year Club once again participated in Rover’s Cup, but the match was dismissed in middle of the game due to the collapse of Kuparez Stadium. On 15th Nov, the same year Club won the Calcutta Shield also by defeating East Bengal.

It is a very remarkable coincidence that the year of Indian Independence fetched two major achievements to Mohun Bagan’s pocket. After independence, Mohun Bagan is the first club to win IFA Shield.This year, from 5th Nov to 23rd Nov, one of the founder members of the Club, Sir Brajendralal Mitra was authorized as the provisional Governor of West Bengal.

On 1948’s 22nd August, Club again won the IFA Shield by beating Bhabanipur Club. But missed the Calcutta League and was left as runners. T.Aao (who later became the Director of Health Services of Nagaland Govt.), Mahavir Prasad and Sailen Manna departed for the London Olympics representing the Indian team, which was captained by T.Aao. Along went Balai Das Chattopadhyay, the existing Secretary of the Club, as a Coach and Trainer. During his absence, legendary player Gostho Pal took up the responsibility of Secretaryship temporarily. Anil De also got the opportunity to participate in the Olympics but he refused and played for the domestic tournaments.That year’s General Secretary was Dr.Gupta, Asst General Secretary was D.B.Sen(Dati),and the Captain of the Club was D.Sen(Bakai).The Mohun Bagan’s players representing India for the Olympics and two efficient  workforce Pankaj Gupta and Panna Aahir were felicitated by the Club.

Later this year, halfback of 1911, Manmohan Mukherjee and eminent Barrister B.C.Ghosh passed away. Ghosh was a dedicated Trustee, who served Mohun Bagan for 5 years as an honorary general Secretary and later as Vice President.

The Club felicitated Indian Cricket Team’s first Australian tournament’s Manager Pankaj Gupta and wicket keeper P.Sen.

Barrister A.N.Chowdhury became the Vice President of the Club who was associated with the Club for long 10 years.

In the same year, Afganisthan Government invited Mohun Bagan on the occasion of their independence celebrations but the Club could not attend because of its preplanned agenda. On the occasion of ‘Kashmir Dibas’ opening, Club went to Delhi to participate in some charity matches on behalf of the Defence Department. Air Vice Marshall Shubrata Mukherjee felicitated the Club. Club’s manager was IPS Pranab Kumar Sen.

Earlier he was a member of the hockey team of Mohun Bagan. Defence Minister Sardar Baldev Singh himself felicitated the Club at his residence where Governor General Chakravarty Raja Gopalachari was present.

1949 was the year of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. On this occasion, Club invited Swedish Football team Helsinghberg and played three matches. On 11th Dec, a vivid procession started from Mohun Bagan’s birthplace 14, Balaram Ghosh Street.On 17th Dec, a big gathering was organized where about 3000 guests, associates and members gathered. Party ended with lighting colorful fireworks. Top political leaders, ministers and eminent sports personalities had sent complimentary messages for the Club. Among them were India’s Cricket Control Board’s President, A.S.Dimolo, hockey Captain Dhyan Chand, Sardar Ballavbhai Patel, Governor of Bihar, Madhav Sri Anne, Governor of Assam, Sri Prakash, Governor of West Bengal, Kailashnath Katju and Land-reform Minister Bimal Chandra Singh. On this auspicious occasion, West Bengal’s Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy commented, “I am proud and very delighted that, fortunately I have witnessed the IFA Shield tournament of 1911.During freedom struggle, Mohun Bagan’s existence inspired the youth. In the sports world of Bengal, Mohun Bagan has still maintained its excellence. Even after traversing 60 years, Mohun Bagan has still kept its youth unaffected. I pray that on our beloved Motherland, Mohun Bagan’s sporting spirit may survive forever.”