History of Mohun Bagan – Presented by MohunBaganClub.com

21st Century  – 1990 to 1999

Year 2000, club touches the sky as it wins Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup, All Airlines Gold Cup, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup and National Football League. The Magic of Mohun Bagan striker, Brazillian ball charmer Barreto (Jose Lui Ramirez Barreto) hypnotised the football fans of the country. Mohun Bagan adopted a news jersey this year, designed from United Kingdom. 2001 again was a very good year for the club.Mohun Bagan shows good performance as mariners won Kolkata Football League,Federation Cup, Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup, Bardoloi Trophy and the National Football League. Barreto continued to show his excellence. In 2002, Baichung Bhutia came back home from England, and has been taken by Mohun Bagan. But the team got very little service from him, as Bhutia got injured early in the season, and could not play for Mariners anymore.This year Club saw Limited Success, but secired the All Airlines Gold Cup.

2003 was the year, in which Mariners virtually had no team at all. There was a change in coach this year, except Barreto, Renedy and Basudeb there were no good players in teh squad. And Barreto left for Malyasia for unknown reason. Although Mohun Bagan lifted IFA Shield by defeating East Bengal, but the performance of this year was not upto the mark.

2004 started with a depressed situation, when star player Barreto left India without showing any reason. Mohun Bagan performed very poorly at the national league. But at this moment of crisis, the general of many battles, coach Subrata Bhattacharya returned to the club, and take the controle immediately. The team secured a position of the super division of the national league. With a moderate team in the new season, Mariners started to show good football. Bad luck is yet to leave Bagan, but the team reached all the finals of the trophies that it took part. That is a record in itself. After runners up for 4 times, Mohun Bagan won the All Airlines Gold Cup. Another record in this year is the 9 – 0 victory with the Renown Sports Club from Sri Lanaka in IFA Shiled. Most probably that is the highest margin victory of Mohun Bagan against a foreign team.

In 2004, the supporters of Mohun Bagan launched their own website http://www.mohunbaganclub.com.. The new era has began when the fans have their own association as “Green and Maroon, a Group of Mohun Bagan Supporters”. As the social, cultural and sporting dimensions of the club grow and grow, Mohun Bagan will be considered to be most important multi-sport club in the world. The football team has won 25 Calcutta Leagues, the IFA Shield 21 times, the Federation Cup 11 times (among 24 times), the National Football League three times (among 8 times). Mariners is the only other club on the continent who is the member of the FIFA Club Task Force with Jubilio Iawata of Japan among the elit group of 12 clubs in the world.

The other sections of the club (Cricket, Hockey,athletics and Tennis) have all achieved success both at domestic and international level. All these play with the full support of 7000 club members and more than 200 fan clubs around the world. Mohun Bagan Athletic Club can take only 7000 members. Only death and other types of termination of membership vacant a place for new member, and after a thorough scrutiny by the executive committee, a new membership of the club has been offered.