History of Mohun Bagan – Presented by MohunBaganClub.com

1. 1889 to 1909
2. 1910 to 1919
3. 1920 to 1929
4. 1930 to 1939
5. 1940 to 1949
6. 1950 to 1959
7. 1960 to 1969
8. 1970 to 1979
9. 1980 to 1989
10. 1990 to 1999
11. 2000 to 2004
For the first time in the History of Indian Football, Mohun Bagan, an Indian Team, beat the British side in the final of 1911 IFA Shield and lifted the shield for the First Time..    




Countrywide success – 1920 to 1929

In the year 1920,Mohun Bagan reached the Semi-final of IFA Shield, but lost to Kumartuli by 2-1 goals. Kumartuli’s Tulsi Dutta,Habul Mitra and goalkeeper T Dey, performed excellently in this match and reached final but lost the shield.  In 1921,the match between Mohun Bagan and Calcutta Club was stopped due to the huge crowd, which gathered to support Mohun Bagan. Club became runners-up and the Champion was Dalhousie.  In 1922, an Indian team from South Africa arrived. Mohun Bagan played football and cricket exhibition matches with them.  In 1923,Mohun Bagan again reached the final of IFA Shield, but was defeated by Calcutta Football Club by 3 goals to nil. This year,Mohun Bagan was invited for taking part in Bombay’s (now Mumbai)Rover’s Cup.Once again Mohun Bagan reached final and lost to Derham’s Light Infantry by 4 goals to 1. 

In 1924,35 years of long association of Bhupendranath Basu with Mohun Bagan came to an end after his demise. This damage could never be mended. After him, Sir Rajendranath Mukherjee became the new President of the Club. 

In 1925, Mohun Bagan created another history by getting invitation for playing in the Durand Cup as the first ever Indian team, which was not a military team. In those days only British had the sole right to participate in the Durand Cup. Mohun Bagan defeated Royal Berkshire regiment in the first round, the York Lancaster Regiment in the second round and the Essex Regiment in the third round, but lost to Sherwood Forest at the Semi-finals. But became runners at the Calcutta League. Simultaneously, Mohun Bagan continued to play charity matches all over the country for fund raising. 

In 1926,the Club lost Shield in the third round to Sherwood Forest and lost Durand Cup to Derham’s Light Infantry. 

In 1927,the Club played another charity match with Cheshire Regiment for the flood relief fund. In the same year, the Club won the Governor’s Cup of Hazaribagh, and lost to Wiltshire Regiment. 

Year 1928 brought three victories to Mohun Bagan’s credit. It won the Power League, the Coochbehar Cup, and the Laxmibilash Cup. 

In the year 1929,due to a clash during the match of Mohun Bagan and Dalhousie, all the Indian teams withdrew their names from the IFA membership. Later, it was negotiated on the condition that there would be equal number of European and Indian team members.