History of Mohun Bagan – Presented by MohunBaganClub.com

Encounter with Pele – 1970 to 1979

From 1970 to 1972, three years in succession, Mohun Bagan won the Rover’s Cup. In 1971, Indian Government honoured Nation’s pride, Mohun Bagan’s Sailen Manna, with Padmashri Award.This year, Mohun Bagan donated for the aid of the injured, in the Bangladesh War. In 1972, Club won Rover’s Cup jointly with East Bengal. This year Mohun Bagan welcomed East Bengal heartily in a dinner party for winning triple crowns (Durand Cup, Rover’s Cup and IFA Shield), as per the Club’s tradition.

In 1974, Club won Durand Cup and Bordului Trophy. This year, Indian Chamber of Commerce made arrangement of floodlight on the Mohun Bagan ground, due to the efforts of Dhiren Dey. But, unfortunately, Calcutta Police declined the idea because horse-ridden police will not be able to work at night, as horses cannot see at night. Nevertheless, on requirement, Club arranges for functions and some matches in floodlight.

In 1975, Club lifted Bordului Trophy and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup of Darjeeling but unfortunately lost badly to East Bengal in the IFA Shield Championship by 5-0 goals. This year, the construction of concrete gallery was finally completed.

In 1976, Club once again won in a number of tournaments including First Division League, IFA Shield, Rover’s Cup (jointly), Bordului Trophy and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup of Darjeeling.

This year, legendary player of Mohun Bagan, the Chinese Wall, Gostho Pal, passed away on 8th April.

In the same year, on 24th July, Mohun Bagan’s Akbar scored a goal after only 16 seconds from the beginning of the match and paid back by defeating East Bengal.

In 1977, Club won IFA Shield, Durand Cup, Rover’s Cup and Bordolui Trophy. On 22nd September, due to the efforts of Dhiren Dey, Mohun Bagan invited Cosmos Club of United States for an exhibition match with the Club. Famous football king Edson Arantos Jo Nasimanto – Pele came to Kokata along with many players of international fame, like Alberto of Brazil, Jinarjio Chinaglia of Italy, Keith, Edi, Charlie, Atken and Mike Dillon of England, Ramon Mifin of Peru, Wernarroth and Ditomir Dimitri Jevich of Yugoslavia, Erol Yasin from Turkey and some players of Canada and United States. The match took place in Eden Gardens on 24th September where about 80,000 spectators gathered along with existing Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu and many other ministers.

In 1978, Club won First Division League, IFA Shield, Federation Cup, Durand Cup, and Sait Nagji Trophy of Calicut. In the same year, Club defeated East Bengal by scoring a spectacular goal by Shyam Thapa in the IFA Shield final..

In 1979, club won First Division League, IFA Shield, Durand Cup and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup of Darjeeling.