Gourav Roy, an ardent Mohun Bagan fan – writes an open letter to Mohun Bagan officials.

Dear MOHUNBAGAN Officials,
First of all if it is read by Prince-da please it’s a request that you please put this forward to the addressed officials.
I know you guys must be busy now with some important personal or business works but if you take out five valuable minutes from your time and please read this letter I will be more than obliged. After every unwanted incident you send a letter to FIFA/AIFF so I hope you guys will take care of this letter and will give it a thought.
Hope you have seen the inaugural tournament of the season of Mohunbagan. The same story of last season has started to repeat itself. I knew only this is to be expected from this team. Because Last year also our main concern was our defence line where you recruited only two players (STOREY and Sourav Chakraborty) and left out the most dependable of the lot Deepak Mondol. I don’t know who selected Storey but his heading quality is just awful and other qualities are better not to say. HE acted like a kid when opponents were putting on pressure. You should have checked him thoroughly before handing him a two year contract. Then we have our goal keeper. After the goal Shilton conceded in the last year Kolkata league match against East Bengal I don’t think he should deserve a Mohunbagan jersey in any match afterwards. But he is the main goalkeeper of our team and the recruiters have failed to sign any good goalkeeper also.
You guys recruited all the players of your choice and then one fine day hired a coach named Steve Darby seeing his C.V. In the whole world if you can show me another example where a coach manages a team selected by officials (not even scout or recruiters) your point of doing this is justified. The coach doesn’t even know the players’ strengths and weaknesses. So there is no point blaming the coach
Each and every year two or three persons make the Mohunbagan team taking the full responsibility. They are neither professional football scouts nor football recruiters. They are busy whole year in their own work. Suddenly prior to the recruitment season they wake up and try to recruit some heavy names from the other clubs. But while doing it they don’t take the team balance in calculation. Could you please let me know the name of an Indian player who has shined while playing in Mohunbagan?? Or a foreigner whom you guys have scouted??
You guys think that only by scoring goals we can win every match. But first of all we need to protect our own goal otherwise every time we will face the same problem. So please recruit some football minded people as scout and recruiters. Club officials should only look at the monetary aspect of a recruit and those people should examine the player’s skill or football abilities. Just see at Pune FC they are just some year’s old club and they are now days beating giants like DEMPO just by including professional approach to the team. So, please be professional and make Mohunbagan fans all over the globe proud and happy once again.
Thank you for your precious time. Hope for the best in the rest of the season. Joy Mohunbagan.

Gourav Roy
A Heartbroken Well-wisher of Mohunbagan Athletic Club

Source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/d6angi

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