writes an open letter to Odafe Onyeka Okolie, the captain of team Mohun Bagan.

Mr. Odafe Onyeka Okolie
Captain (2012-13),
Mohun Bagan

Dear Odafa,

First – thank you for your attempt to take us through to the final of the 117th IFA Shield. You tried your best to score within the match, and your final pass for Sabeeth brought us joy, that lasted only for 40 mins though.

You went to take the first shot for Mohun Bagan in yesterday’s tie breaker and Gurpreet did well to stop you. Your shot did not have the power that was there in the first two shots of the opponent and it helped him stopping you from scoring. However, knowing yourability we are sure you will learn from the mistake and will not repeat the same in future.

Saying so- we already lost an opportunity to bag the IFA Shield as we failed to move into the final. Your miss perhaps made the team nervous – however Jewel and Aibor did well to score in spite of the situation that as against us.

This is football Odafa – and we need to learn from our mistakes- yes you made a mistake – you are cursing yourself – but the same Odafa gave us so much happiness in the past – we tend to keep this aside and move ahead.

My letter to you is not for discussing this missed opportunity – but is more than that. Recently we are observing that you are trying to score yourself while few other players are in a scoring position. If you study the videos of the recent matches, you will notice that there are always 5 to 6 players around you and you are trying to get past them. With minnows it is OK but with teams like Samprissa or East Bengal this is difficult since they have quality defenders. Odafa- can we expect you to lead the team just not by scoring but also making the team win? For the same, you might have to pass the ball to others to score (like you did to Sabeeth against Mohammedan sporting – to Tolgay or Sabeeth yesterday)

Also – we are noticing that  since you are been hit badly by opponents, and since you are not getting enough supply from the midfield – you are running out of patience and you are at times  hitting back the opponent players. This behaviour of yours is helping opponents a lot and is also helping the referees to book you easily ( a creature even went ahead and showed you a Red Card!)

Dear Odafa, you have taken the baton from Jose Barreto – and even he missed out on penalties and was nursing injuries as you are undergoing right now. Jose Barreto is considered as "God" by Mohun Bagan supporters – and we would love to have you in the  throne vacated by Jose Barreto. For that – please keep your cool and lead the team from front. You are our biggest hope Odafa – and we still dream to win matches under your leadership.

Gear up Odafa – bring us the Kolkata League and take us to a good position in the iLeague this season – we hope  because we know you can.

With love and best regards,

On behalf of millions of mohun Bagan supporters world wide-


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