Bagan wins – in a comfortable 3-0 margin against Tollygaunje. The first one was from a penalty scored by Barreto. But the penalty was earned by Sueoka. He moved into the box from right and as he tried to centre – the ball was handled by a TA defender. Sueoka himself scored the second from a hard and low cross from Souvick.

During half time it was 2-0 the third goal was very nice and is an output of a team effort. Zenith gets a Barreto through – puts it into the box – Sueoka chased it and a small touch finds it 3-0.

Bagan got few more chances – once Barreto chest trapped the ball as he came out of the shadow of his marker but he failed to control the same. In the second half Ishfaq got past Tollygaunje players and was in a scoring position but he failed to get past the goalkeeper. Later Snehasish replaced Ishfaq and Mickey replaced Ramlal. Snehasish and Mickey duo created panic in TA defense but the ball hit the wood works and went out. 

Zenith , Azim and Sagram played well in the defense. Noor-uddin- who already have scored 5 goals in KPL was well guarded. Once Shilton foiled a TA attack. For the first time in the season Rino Anto played as a left back. He played pretty well. He has both attacking and defensive capabilities. 


Subho also played well in the midfield. But he has to work upon the through passes. Souvick was impressive. He seems to be coming out of ages and a skillful player. Ishfaq made sure the left wing is active. But Ramlal really needs to work hard.  Not much to add for Barreto and Man of the Match Sueoka.

 Meanwhile Pinaki Ghosh, secretary of Dankuni MohunBagan Fans’ Club, died yesterday (12th Feb, 2010). He was just 38. He was survived by his wife and 10 year old son. He will be always remembered for his contribution towards building Dankuni MohunBagan Fans’ Club and played a key role in fans’ club’s partcipation in Dankuni Bookfair in the year 2006. He presented a "Paltola Nouka" and a "Chingri".

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