“Locura por Messi: un árbitro le pide una foto durante un partido” – that’s what the headline is. If you don’t know Spanish – here is the English version : “Messi Madness: A referee asks for a photo during a match”. The infamous referee continues to humiliate Indian football. This time he was seen capturing Messi’s photo during a recent International match.

The news was published in Argentine websites and has been enough for ridiculing Indian football. The news goes as (translated into English)-

There was no doubt that Lionel Messi was the main attraction of the party the Argentina win against Venezuela in Calcutta. But the fanaticism that generated the best player in the world came to unimaginable limits.

Before the start of the party that ushered in the era Sabela in the selection, one of the assistant referees asked for a photo at the Argentina captain.

This incident seemed fanaticism continued to live on the streets of Calcutta with the arrival of "The Flea". During the match referee Dinesh Nair asked for a photo.

Source  : http://notio.com.ar/deportes/locura-por-messi-un-arbitro-le-pide-una-foto-durante-un-partido-17910

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