Baichung Bhutia has been named AIFF player of the year. Sponsor McDowell organized a Futsol tournament in Mohun Bagan ground today. Mohun Bagan celebrated its 13th Federation Cup win after they beat Dempo SC , Goa 1-0 in Finals. See pictures in This is a record by itself as the Green and Maroon brigade were forced to play 5 games in 9 days while rivals Dempo played only 2 games in 12 days. Barreto scored the only goal of the match in 68th minute. This is second consecutive win for Bagan against Dempo.

The team from Cochin won the McDowell Futsol tournament by winning the finals 1-0. In an exhibition match played later on, Mohun Bagan beat Cochin 3-1, Jr. James scored 2 goals and Lalramluah scored 1 goal. Pictures Pictures taken by Soumyadeb Sinha. This was a 5 sided match. Mohun Bagan team consisted of Rino Anto, Suman, James Jr., Henry, Lalramluah, Tapan and Nabin Kumar.

Celebration pictures in Mohun Bagan ground,  President, Tutu Bose announced that 5 lakh rupees will be distributed amongst all players of team. Tomorrow in Mohun Bagan ground, McDowell will organize a Futsol tournament that will start at 4 pm. One team will reach final who will play against Mohun Bagan, the final is scheduled to start at 6.20 pm. The pictures have been taken by Tridip Sheet.


Mariners totally outplayed Dempo Sports Club, Goa to win the 30th Federation Cup title for the 13th time and qualified to play for AFC Cup. Mohun Bagan completely dominated the match to such an extent that Sangram had to make just one save during the match and Dempo got only one easy chance to score, that too at the fag end of the match. This was one of the best tactical games won by Mohun Bagan this year, Kareem also agreed with this opinion. He said, "This is one of the best matches we played this year and we won a tactical game. I give full credit to Dempo whose defenders did a good job and made our task tougher. We may have slight domination but Dempo also played well but yes after we scored the goal, the match came completely in our grip. We could have scored few more goals." Credit definitely goes to coach Kareem who marshaled the tactics. Dempo mainly relies on Beto and Clifford in their midfield which Kareem did not allow to function properly. It was due to Habibur that Clifford Miranda could not deliver his crosses from left side. Marcos totally controlled the midfield from start of the match and ensured that he did not allow Beto to move freely and also he covered Beto nicely with his brilliant anticipation and tackling. When asked to comment about Marcos, Kareem said "Usually I don’t name players but about Man of the Tournament, the first name that comes to my mind is Marcos, he was absolutely brilliant and today did not allow any free space to Beto. Before the match, it was our tactical decision to stop their attacks from wing and to mark Beto properly and the boys did their job brilliantly."  It seems the number 68 is very lucky to Kareem, the winning goal came in 68th minute and he was born in 1968, he pointed out to us.


Lalkamal was brilliant as an attacking medio and it seems Lalkamal is back in his supreme form from Air India match. Tulunga and Ishfaq troubled Dempo defence with their brilliant runs down the flank. It has been proved again that combination of Tulunga and Habibur creates magic in right wing. After match Habibur said, "With due respect to all players, I enjoy playing with Tulunga. We have good understanding. Whenever I overlap down the right flank, he takes my position and makes sure that opponent team doesn’t start overlapping from that side. Of course, it is the final decision of the coach whom he selects in first XI." Dipak was brilliant in stopper position and did not allow Ranty to take any shot towards goal. Dipak was well supported by Masih in defence. About Dipak Kareem said, "Credit goes to him because when playing in stopper position, he being not so tall, have to win aerial battles with some tall strikers like Ranty. Usually when he plays in side back that is not a problem. He has extremely good sense and good anticipation. He is one of the best stoppers in India." Last but not least, Jose Ramirez Barreto, the best foreigner of all time to have played in Kolkata. Critics sometimes raise questions about his fitness, about his agility, but the man goes on performing. As Veronica laughed about this after match, "Barreto and we don’t care about who says what, his job is to perform and he tries to deliver in field." Kareem said, "With Barreto in our team, we always have an extra captain, who is leading the players from front without an arm band." Lalampuia gave good support to Barreto in the match. Kareem dedicated the Fed Cup to his wife, his son and to all the fans of Mohun Bagan. It is a nice gesture indeed on part of Kareem who said, "I know how the fans are feeling. We feel happy to bring smile to their face." When asked whether this is an answer to the critics, Kareem said, "No, I have no grudge against anybody. In fact, I don’t feel reporters didn’t criticize our team that much, they were just pushing us and pointing out our mistakes. You people played like good defenders and didn’t commit fully (laughing)." However, Kareem is happy about the team spirit, he said, " “I have no doubt now that we are the best team in the country when it comes to team spirit and solidarity. Look at (NS) Manju. He didn’t play in the tournament but he was celebrating more than those who played today. That’s a good sign. That’s how we have started living like a family. Federation cup and I league are the two most important tournaments of India and our target now is I league and I am happy that team has qualified for AFC Cup." On their team’s participation in IFA Shield, coach said, "We had to pay a heavy price at the initial stages of the I-League for players getting injured in the local league. My focus is on the I-league and I don’t want my boys to go through the grime of another one so soon. I have called for practice on 5th January and the boys need this well-earned vacation." It is to be noted that IFA Shield starts on January 5th. Debasish Dutta said, "This victory is an answer to the critics who only finds fault of our team and criticized when we signed Marcos and continuously wrote against our team, Barreto, Baichung, Kareem." Regarding IFA Shield, he wittily said, "Our practice starts from January 5th and our next match is on January 23rd against Mumbai FC."        

Coming back to the match, Mohun Bagan controlled the match from the beginning. The most impressive part of Mohun Bagan’s play was their short passes and did not rely only on long balls. In 9th minute, Barreto gave a brilliant through pass to Ishfaq who failed to control the ball and missed an easy chance. In 16th minute, Marcos took a free kick from right side which Barreto headed towards Lalampuia who could not take a shot, wasting yet another chance for Mariners. Dempo got one good chance when a long ball from midfield went to Joaquim, Habibur failed to anticipate the ball properly and Masih made a brilliant tackle to avert danger for Mariners. Satish made a brilliant save to keep the scoreline same, Ishfaq had sent a cross from left side and Barreto’s header was saved brilliantly by Dempo custodian. During the last 5 minutes of the half, Dempo managed to press forward and got few corners but Sangram was alert.

In 49th minute, Joaquim made a solo run and took a right-footed shot that went over crossbar. Mohun Bagan then started dominating and in 55th minute, Marcos missed an easy chance when he lobbed the ball over bar with goalkeeper out of position. In 68th minute, Mariners scored the winning goal of the match. Lalkamal took the corner from left side by his right foot which went over Satish Kumar and straight to Habibur but he miscued the header and ball went straight to Barreto who did not waste any time and his shot went inside goal making it 1-0 in favor of Mohun Bagan. Ranty Martin then was shown red card after he got his second yellow card in 80th minute. While going out, Ranty hit the camera of Zee sports. Action should be taken against him by AIFF for this kind of reaction. Dempo missed an easy chance to score off flag kick just before final whistle when Creson Antao volleyed the ball over bar. The chaotic scenario at the end of the match was the spoiler of the day. With Police personnel donning the role of mere spectators, the rampaging crowd broke the Federation Cup banner and it wouldn’t have been surprising if the trophy itself suffered the same fate today. However, this kind of reaction is not surprising from Mohun Bagan crowd as they were overjoyed by team’s 13th Fed Cup victory.


Tragedy struck when an accident cost a Mohun Bagan supporter’s life at the Salt Lake stadium. Mr Sanjeeb Jana, aged 28, fell from the ramps of the stadium before the commencement of the match. Later, he was admitted immediately to a city hospital where he was declared dead today morning.

TEAM: Sangram Mukherjee, Habibur Rehman Mondal, N. Mohanraj, Deepak Mondal, S. Malsawmtluanga (S. James Singh 90+3), Marcos Pereira, Rakesh Masih, Ishfaq Ahmed, Lalkamal Bhowmick, Jose Ramirez Barreto, P.C. Lalawmpuiya (L. James Singh 89).


YEAR     CHAMPION                     VERSUS                      RESULT

1978          JOINT                           EAST BENGAL             0-0, 0-0
1980          JOINT                           EAST BENGAL             1-1
1981         CHAMPION                  MOHAMMEDAN           2-0
1982         CHAMPION                  MAFATLAL                    1-0
1986         CHAMPION                  EAST BENGAL             0-0 (5-4)
1987         CHAMPION                  SALGAOKAR                2-0
1992         CHAMPION                  EAST BENGAL             2-0
1993         CHAMPION                  MAHINDRA UNITED     1-0
1994         CHAMPION                  SALGAOKAR                 0-0 (3-0)
1998         CHAMPION                  EAST BENGAL              2-1
2001         CHAMPION                  DEMPO                           2-0
2006         CHAMPION                  SPORTING CLUBE       1-1 (3-1)
2008         CHAMPION                  DEMPO                           1-0


PICTURE: Tridip Sheet and Soumyadeb Sinha

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