Abhijit Ray shares his feelings from Jo’burg

In our middle-class childhood when we used to collect each single pieces of photographs of football galaxy from the newspaper/magazines,that time in our rarest/wildest of dream also I never even dare to think that I might be so fortunate who can ever be presentin any of the mega event – and it is football world cup ! But today my tongue is shivering to utter that – yessss,I am here in South  Africa,Jo’Burg the host city of 2010 world cup !

Last few days I am endowed with blissful experience  to taste the multi-dimensional cream of delicious cosmopolitan environment – ummmm, in my every breath I tried to smell the football – only football,and that is also in an world class arena.
In one of the elite shopping mall here in Jo’Burg,is called Sandton Mall – we can say this area is central nervous system of the city.
This area becomes ‘Mohakumbh’ of football – all diff. nationalities mingles here with their N number of colourful identities.
My keyboard is getting stucked – really I am not sure how to arrange and share  this colourful experience  with you !
They all are jovial,vibrant,pulsating,energetic,vivid,bright,flamboyant,effervescent – woooowww, even I do not find many adjectives   to describe the whole thing.
Brazilians,Argentine,Dutch,British,Ghanaian,mexican – all, they all are keeping their symbol of identity,their flag -> very high..
I wish to quote few lines,from a poem written by one unknown bengali poet –
"Nishan Sekhay, Ei somotol-Porbot-Nodi kar?
Priyo Swadesh er Dhuloy amar – Ujjol odhikkar"
South African nationality is depicted by one terminology called ‘rainbow nation’ (mixture of ‘whites’,’black’,’browns’ etc.)
And since 11 June,2010, in each and every moment so many rainbows are creating here on african soil,by mixing of not only with white,black and brown but also with green (brazil),sky blue (argentina),Yellow (africans),Red (danish),dark blue (french,japanese) etc etc…with N number of combinations.
1.Africans are blowing ‘vuvuzelas’ with fathomless tenacity
2.Brazilians are dancing and singing with apparently awkard dresses,with drums etc
3.Argentines are cheering like anything
4.Dutch people are shouting like a melody
5.British people are drinking gallons of beer
etc etc….
I am attaching two snaps – guys please feel the vibe !!
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