3rd September, 1976, Port Algere, Brazil. There born a sweet baby named Jose Ramirez Barreto. But who knew then that a Brazilian will become the legend of National Club of India? Nobody knows except God, I bet. Jose Ramirez Barreto, the name is so very synonymous with the emotion of the millions of fans of Mohun Bagan AC. He has become a symbolic character of Mohun Bagan breaking all the geographical boundaries. Mohunbaganclub.com wishes Jose Barreto a long, happy and prosperous life.

In the year 1999,  Barreto comes to India to play for Mohun Bagan. The first season, Barreto was seen playing with Uzbek player Igor Skivrin. He brought the well-coveted National League for the National Club. From then, it has started, and continuing till date – sailing the boat of Mohun Bagan on his own shoulder.

In the last match against Tollygunj Agragami, when the situation of the team was not very good, there came his goal from a 25 yards long range. This is Barreto! Whenever his team fall in short of target, there is only him to show his team ray of hope, shinning of joy, glory of victory.

Jose Barreto is not only a successfull player, he is a good human being as well by his character, his moral and his family life.

As a Mohun Bagan supporter we salute this Brazilian, the great Mohun Bagani.

Happy Birthday, many many returns of the day!

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