Indecent behaviours from some of the club supporters after ONGC match was absolutely intolerable. Surkumar Singh – whose outstanding performance was one of the very few the supporters and fans could be happy about – was at the receiving end. His car was attacked and the windscreen broken – an act worth severe punishment. we understand the sentiments of the fans and followers of the Green and Maroon brigade and every Mohun Bagan supporter will be upset because of the poor performance of the team. This does not mean that the players’ properties will be damaged – particularly when they are giving 100%

The fans should instead have introspected the following –

1. Why only 8 points from last 9 games in iLeague ? Why is fitness a problem for the players? Was pre-season camp proper – if not will the players be blamed for the same?

2. Why "Diamondstar" and "Muritala" were considered as replacements of Sueoka and Marcos?

3. What is happening with the goalkeeping coach? In spite of Sangram having problems in judging the ball for years – and poor outing decisions that have been costly for last 5 years – why the goalkeeping coach failed to fix this problem?

4. Why is Muritala falling in offside traps day-in and day-out ?

5. While the opponents, by sitting in the side bench, notice the gap in the defense how come the TD failed to identify the same in each of the games?

6. And most importantly  – why there was no club official in the ground to take care of the players? What if a player could have been seriously injured ? The club officials become busy showing their faces before the cameras during the good time – but they fail to shield the players during the hard times – alas – they will perhaps never learn!

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