Khamba singh does all that it required to provide a milage to Mahindra United – depriving penalties, goal, averting cards and much more. One wonders whether AIFF takes any step against the referee. A video footage, if forwarded to FIFA or AFC, can result to severe punishment of the referee. During the first half of the game spectators spent time dissecting incidents and concluded that in all his decisions, the referee was wrong. He was soft on Chirag . It started when in the 25th minute Barreto was pulled down and referee ignored. Bagan was deprived of a penalty. In the 29th minute Referee gave wrong decisions and awarded a free kick for Chirag when Azim actually hit the ball!

 In 34th minute Snehasish was hit so hard that his elbow seem to be dislocated. He was rushed to the hospital and as expected (by that time the intension was clear) Khamba Singh ignored the foul.

Praveen Kumar made a foul worth marching order – he was not even warned. Happy with the referee’s performance, on the field (and perhaps off as well) Praveen was soon found beating Ishfaq, Snehasish’s substitute. Edmilson liked the show and joined him.

Narugopal soon followed his mates- and was found hitting James badly. Referee ignored this as well.

In the 48th minute Khamba singh denied Bagan once again. A James Singh cross was handled down by Kingshuk Debnath and referee once again ignored this incident. 2nd time in the game Bagan was deprived of a penalty.

The expectation started shifting for the fans and supports of Mohun Bagan. People started discussing that soon the referee will cancel a field goal. This became true when a Sueoka goal in the 68th minute was rejected by referee. The shot was deflected by chidi and referee felt its a hand ball.

In the 76th minute Bagan was deprived of the 3rd penalty by Khamba singh. This happened when Sueoka’s shot was handled by a Chirag player and expectedly the referee ignored.

Mohun Bagan: Sangram, Surkumar, Mandi, Azim, Biswajit, James (Tomba 61′), Rakesh, Sueoka, Snehasish (Ishfaq 37′), Barreto, Chiddi.

Chirag United: Somnath, Rahul, Kingshuk, Du, Narugopal, Tulunga, Denson, Jayanta, Gouranga Biswas (Gouranga Dutta 68′), Parveen Kumar (Safar Sardar 79′, Hardip Saini 89′) Edmilson.


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