Mohun Bagan’s coach has heard it many times before but this time it was earlier as a player or as a Deputy coach. It came from the Mohun Bagan supporters from the gallery, its marking a first win under Satyajit chatterjee and another four goals to continue a momentous month.

"We can win the iLeague beside the Kolkata League" – Satyajit can say that again. Confidence oozed through Mohun Bagan from the start, flowing directly from Barreto and Branco. The pair were conspicuously head and shoulders above every one else on the pitch, closely involved in the important goals. 
Subho Kumar has been touted as a contender for player of the midfield but was kept under utilized through out the season. Had Snehasish not been injured, Ishfaq hardly could have made it to the squad. These two players played vary well today. BNR defenders were comprehensively beaten for the Mohun Bagan goals, when they made the mistakes of allowing Ishfaq’s long centres to bounce and completely underestimated Branco and Barreto’s pace and determination. 
Everything looked fairly straightforward for Bagan when they scored at the fourth minute. Branco got a a centre from Ishfaq and his header found it 1-0 for Bagan.
In the 24th minute BNR scored the equalizer as Babatunde got past Bagan defense and scored(1-1)
Always hungry for the ball, Barreto then started scoring for Bagan. Ishfaq and Subho started playing pressing football and their final were finding either Barreto or Branco. BNR was found defending with 10-men.
In the 37th minute Barreto got a cross from Ishfaq and glanced his header and the ball into the goal(2-1).
In the 42nd minute Barreto and Ishfaq combination found the third goal of the match for Bagan. Barreto passed the ball to Ishfaq and got into the box. Ishfaq’s final found Barreto whose power shot got past BNR’s goalkeeper (3-1).
In the 59th minute Zenith waved the ball that found Parminder. His final to Barreto got Barreto his hat-trick(4-1)
It could easily have been five or even six, but Branco and zenith missed some sitters. But coach needs to work upon the defense. This requires special attention.
Team : Shilton, Zenith, Sagram, Azim, Biswajit, Subhojit(Parminder), Suvo kumar (Mickey) , Lalramluaha , Isfaq (Snehasish), Branco, Barreto.
Man of the Match : Barreto

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