Skipper Odafa took the extra load to achieve a feat for himself and Mohun bagan. He scored 3 clean goals and missed at least 4 today. He created opportunities which were not been converted by Stanley , Maithani or Bhargav! Odafa was well supported by Nabi and Denson.

Odafa scored the first goal from a free kick from outside the box. The ball got into the far post – no body even moved and the ball kissed the net.


He then scored a ball when  Sporting defender failed to clear a ball and he pushed the ball into the net with three men on the goal line.

He scored the third when he got a Nabi through and placed the ball well.


Odafa not only scored goals, he was instrumental in coming down to Bagan box, snatch the ball and pass it to the players at the attacking third. In one such occasion Stanley messed up with the ball – and in a second situation Stanley failed to get past SCG defense.

Once Odafa’s pass to Bhargav on the right flank created panic in SCG defense – but Bhargav cross was finally foiled by them.

Once he placed the ball well for Maithani – but Maithani went towards the corner area making it difficult to score.

Odafa himself failed to score in 4 occasions as well.

Sporting scored from a Bagan good up on the right wing position. Barreto got past Shilton – the ball hit the post and went to the far end and Dawson had to place the ball inside the net. eche tried to save the ball but he himself was beyond the goal line and thus the goal was awarded for SCG.

Bagan’s weaknesses in this game :

a) Stanley really is holding the ball for long – as a result the opponents are getting advantage of Stanley

b) Saha overlapping – and that is leading to a hufe vaccum in the left back position. Even when there are set piece movements, this location is unguarded

c) Shilton is lacking confidence – he seems to be confused as whether to fist a ball or collect it.

d) Eche almost conceded a penalty in the first minute of the game – and he continues to fall on the ground in the cricial moments of the game. Bagan conceded a goal in the Lajong match from this mistake.

However nabi played really well – he was continuously chaning position and that helped Bagan a lot. even Nirmal and Aibor did well.

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