mohun Bagan fans and supporters will have to undergo a nervous wait to discover if Bagan manages to avoid relegation in iLeague this season. The current head coach will surely put in Bagan to relegation zone. Add to it an absolute miserable recruitment by the bosses made the equation tough for Bagan. Bagan played with Odafa and 10 players, of whom perhaps Nabi was somewhat aware of the weight of the green-and-maroon gersey. Others seem to be at a loss! Santosh Kashyap, an unpopular appointment, would definitely lead Bagan to relegation zone.

Bagan has conceded 4 goals in 2 matches in iLeague so far, and is yet to win a point. The team somehow avoided a loss by a bigger margin as Ranty failed to score in 2 occassions. The hard working captain – Odafa would be definitely be upset that his thoughts and hopes on Stanley have misfired.

Already let, Bagan officials should now look for a replacement of Kashyap – now that Bagan will get some time before the next game – scheduled to play Air India on 28th October.

Kashyap’s miserable match reading, thoughts against the opponents and wrong strategies have already costed Bagan Federation Cup and 2 matches in iLeague. Add to it, wrong decisions and whims of the officials are definitely responsible for today’s situation. has learnt that smelling trouble, as Bagan was pathetic in the field today, some of the top officials and their kins left the ground in the middle of the game.

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