This is an open letter to the current players of McDowell Mohun Bagan football team.


Hi every one,

We know that  you gave your best in spite of some failures in the recent tournaments where we failed to see success. Definitely some of your moves were not enough – we missed few points since we failed to score in vital matches in Kolkata league, leading to missing the top spot, we failed to score against Churchill Brothers @ Federation Cup semi-final (beside conceding a debatable penalty leading to the 2nd goal), and failed efforts against Dhanmundi @IFA Shield where at least for three occasions the ball hit the post (that does not take away the credit  of scoring a world class goal by the opponent from a free kick for a foul that was NOT committed and two offsides while the players were clearly onside, and were in scoring position)

Yes- we are moving towards yet another  trophy-less year, failure which we have off late started living with. However, let me thank you for all your efforts, an you were honest in trying to get us the much awaited success, that you couldn’t. Thank you- for at least trying to be there for us.

We know it is difficult to be motivated, but we can still hope that you will bring us some pride in the remaining matches of i-League. Please can you work extra and ensure you are not hitting post – and are actually scoring? Hitting posts are actually not due to luck, but due to lack of practice. Can you practice a bit harder please?

Can you ensure you are converting penalties to goals, or scoring from dead ball situations? Please can you word a bit harder to achieve the same? We know that the Captain of the ship is out for some more days as he continues to "nursing injuries" ; you all can take the extra work load in trying an scoring – this can only happen if you continue to practice – and practice hard. Please Google out some key practice sessions. Or else please refer to the following links –

Please – practice, practice and practice – and get us some pleasures – at least some good moments to cheer for.

We have a good season when it comes to goal keeping, defence, defensive midfield, and two wings – but we are struggling at attacking midfield and striking zone. Gear up and give us some satisfaction this year.

 All the best for the remaining games of the season.


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