Mohun Bagan and Prayag managers met at the IFA office this afternoon as per schedule. They officials learnt during the meeting that the West Bengal Sports Ministry has asked IFA and AIFF to reschedule all the football matches to afternoons. has learnt that Sports Ministry has also indicated that YBK might not be available for football and will undergo renovation. As a result Mohun Bagan – Prayag match has been rescheduled to 2pm – and there will be no LIVE Telecast by the electronic media during the game. As per schedule there will be deferred telecast from 6:30pm.

There is a possibility of a low turnout since most of Mohun Bagan fans are unaware of the change in timing – a very late decision from the Sports Ministry will ensure Bagan supporters are at the receiving end. One wonders whether this was done to satisfy a handful of people who wanted to misuse their  power in Calcutta football ( or rather sports in general) ! A very good advertisement of a huge turnout will be followed by a very poor turnout – just because a handful of people wanted to show their power – which is not good for Bengal’s sports.

Meanwhile I League commissioner visited Barasat Stadium today morning and he will submit his report to AIFF.  He told that he is happy with present accomodation of Barasat Stadium. But the final decision will be taken by AIFF Authority. AIFF banned Barasat Stadium after the match of Mohun Bagan and Churchill Brothers on January, 2010,  where crowd made nuisance and the stadium authority failed to protect the players from that.

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