The newly appointed Technical Director and coach of McDowell Mohun Bagan met the press today after the team practice at the club tent. There was a morning practice session at Mohun Bagan Ground and Subrata Bhattacharya and Prasanta Banerjee started their combination to train McDowell Mohun Bagan. Manager Bernard and goalkeepers’ coach Hemanta Dora also were present. All the players including Barreto and Odafa attended the practice. Bagan veteran and Dronacharya Syed Naeemuddin was there in the Mohun Bagan ground today. He wished success to the TD and the team. If the practice session is an indication, Simon Storey’s place in the playing XI could be doubtful henceforth. Here is the synopsis of the press meet.

Regarding fitness Subrata Bhattacharya (Bablu) said that there is no team in India having top fitness. The Indian National team conceded 13 goals in 3 matches, so how can anybody say that only Mohun Bagan has fitness problems. He said the same thing regarding the defence, too. Replying to a question from a journalist, Subrata said that one should specify the problem of the defence before criticising it. In reply to a question regarding Jonathan Corner, Subrata said that it is an internal matter and regarding fitness they will all work together.

Subrata also said that their primary goal is winning the I-League; time is very short. But everybody has to try together; he assured all concerned that success will come definitely. He also said that there is not a big difference between the teams in India, so there is no reason to be unsuccessful. He gave examples of other clubs who have won the Fed Cup but failed in other tournaments.

Subrata added that Barreto, Odafa, Chhetri are always the headache of opponents, so Mohun Bagan have too much power to be successful.

Coach Prasanta Banerjee also joined the practice and he too was in the press meet. He said that as a technical committee member he had noted the details of the team’s situation regarding injury etc. and has now passed on all information to the technical director.

Subrata said about Prasanta that he is very good coach and he has good technical knowlege as he was a very good footballer as well; he has completed AFC and FIFA’s  coaching courses. Prasanta has a lot of achievements, so it will be very good for team Mohun Bagan that he has been appointed as coach. Bablu also said that he will assign different jobs for Prasanta for the benefit of the team.

Barreto congratulated the new  TD and coach and said that they will work together and bring success to the team.  Subrata said that confindence of the team has to be boosted up.

Moreover, both the Technical Director and the Coach have a primary goal to be succesful in the I-League, which is the hope and aspiration of all Mohun Bagan supporters, players and officials.

McDowell Mohun Bagan will start their I-League campaign on Sunday, 23rd October against Pailan Arrows at Yuba Bharato Krirangan.

 Picture Courtesy : AAJKAAL

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