has learned that few Mohun Bagan supporters clashed with some other supporters in the club premises today. condemns the whole incident and requests the supporters not to take the club tent for granted.

Dutta arguing with supporters This morning during the "BAR PUJA" a section of supporters had a verbal spat with one of the officials. The supporters questioned his accountability and the official responded back – not in a nicely manner.  When asked when the team will win the next trophy, the official was  sarcastic and mentioned that one should buy a trophy instead.


The supporters were angry and they protested vehemently.

Later on another official asked them to behave and soon two goons  in the form of supporters allegedly close to the present dispensation at Mohun Bagan Club beat up a few supporters who were protesting against the failure on the part of the management to bring success to the club as the officials asked whether RAF will be called or not.

Later the local PS was informed and police officials visited the club tent. Nobody lodged any complaint with the police. However, it is still unclear who were these two goons and where did they go after the incident took place?

Injured supporter

However, one of the officials was found apologetic for the whole incident.

 [News reported on the basis of information collected from the witnesses of the incident]


Pic courtesy : Koustav Roy


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