when the line up against Rangdajied was declared, any fan could guess that Mohun Bagan has taken a defensive approach – as seen against Kingfisher East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting. People could guess that there is a negative thinking by the management. And Rangdajied ended up registering their first victory in the iLeague.So Bagan is part of the history once again as being the first club losing against Rangdajied in iLeague. Bagan off late is been on the receiving end in football history rather than creating one- like it used to be until these officials stepped in

Odafa, the captain of Bagan was cursed and sweared after the end of the game. It all started against East Benal when he had unbelievable misses against the rivals. Against Mohammedan again he failed to prve his worth. And he missed an opportunity against Rangdajied in the 28th minute. It is hard to believe that he failed to score in situations where the highest paid player of Indian Football coul easily scored even 2 years back. A similar miss was there in the 63rd minute of the game as well. A goal was saved in 85th minute.

One wonders why Karim has faith on Eric and fails to put Sabeeth in the striking zone from the beginning of the game. Sabeeth is either found working as a withrawal forwards or as a midfielder – while we all know he as a very good ability to score!

If Eric really nees to be there – he can actually be at the midfield damaging the attacks of the opponents – the aged person does give a comfort to opposition in the final third.

The north-eastern team in fact played a better football, taking advantage of the negative approach of Bagan. ey were able to score in 22nd and 66th minute by Manandeepand
Lyngdoh respectively. Mananeep did well for the second goal as well.

It is clear from the game that the ship is sinking. We are not sure if the officials are once again deciding upon the squad instead of the coach. We are unsure if the players are getting the dues and the officials are motivating them as well.

Ex players will again come up and shout – and Subrata Bhattacharya is expected to be the fron runner for the same – an no wonders that his lose comments ( though justified) will be used by the officials and their sycophants in their favours. In deed they require some "Yes men" and the current think tank of the senior football is indeed toe the line.

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