appeals to the supporters and members of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club to wake up before it is too late as Bagan enters into 4th consecutive trophy-less year ( keeping the blacklisted Trophy aside)

Dear Members an Supporters of Mohun Bagan,

It is already late. However, if you don’t wake up now, the damage will be beyond repair.

This is the thir consecutive year Mohun Bagan is trophy-less, and the current year is no different. One can still hope if one sees that a team is been formed to really conquer the nation in forthcoming year, but alas, there is no light in the end of the tunnel.

Mohun Bagan was constructing good teams until we won against our "arch-rivals" who conceded 5 goals against us in 2009. Since then, the team has stopped performing. It seems that the victory of 2009 turns out to be a curse than a boon. Since 2010 for 4 years the only interest the officials shown was in bringing in funs for various projects, and no major success from these projects.

The players of today’s Mohun Bagan are not aware of the rich culture this club has, and youth football is a major setback here. Ad to it, changing coach is a habit though not a single official properly puts down his paper ( you will find a recruiter resigning from a post from time to time that does not have any value, while the post with monetory benefit is retained, but helps him move away from being accountable)

The president of the club is highly respected among the supporters and members, an we still hear promises from him in achiving something constructive each year- but as soon as he is away from Kolkata, the team’s think tank faces the problems of non-payment, recruitment of injured players, imbalanced team and of course inciting politics among the players leading to lack of unity among them.

I’m sure now the ex-players will come up with lot f statemens – but their leaders will either become a TD for few months or might end up winning a “Ratna” that will lead to end of all sorts of revolts – and Bagan will continue with this set of officials.

Since elections don’t happen and there are not many people in respectable positions won’t disturb the current officials, it is obvious that the current set of officials will hold the post for the next term as well, until we act.

Folks – it is time to act – and let us be united for “Mohun Bagan” for once. Let us for once, keep ourselves away from giving hot statements and take necessary actions so that Bagan’s lost glory is retained – or else we’ll cease to exist in the National level of football in near future.

From the desk of Editor,

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