Coach Kareem today gave a written protest letter to all media against one particular Bengali media who had misquoted his statement in today’s edition. The protest letter was given in official letterhead of the club that says, “I am surprised to be informed that a local Bengali daily has misquoted me yesterday. The news wrongly mentions that I have challenged the coaches – local and foreigners of other Indian clubs. My statement during the press conference was clear and strangely only this daily carries this false news. I wish to clarify that I have utmost respect for all the coaches and members of the football fraternity. I reiterate that all the coaches working with Indian clubs, what ever Indian or foreigner are my colleagues and I hold them in high esteem.”



This incident is highly shocking, given that Mohun Bagan coach of this year, Kareem Bencherifa is such a gentleman and media friendly. He is mostly always available for comments after practice session of team. Sometimes, even he talks separately to electronic as well as print media. Coach never ever makes any loose comments against any person or any club. Even before match against lower ranked club, whether it is in I league or in Kolkata league, he will show his respect for them. He always lends a cooperating hand towards the media and he also expects the same thing from them. He is very particular and does not tolerate the fact that his statement be manipulated to make it a sensational one. A similar incident happened during Kolkata league when in a match Kareem had protested against a wrong offside decision given against Mohun Bagan. He went to linesman and showed his palm, trying to tell him that Player No. 5 was there, so how can Barreto be offside. Few print media misunderstood that and thought Kareem is about to hit linesman. They did not even cross check about the incident with linesman or Kareem. We know of the importance of media nowadays, but they also possess some responsibility and should be careful of what they are writing, as sometimes writing certain false things can create a false impression in the mind of people reading it. However, there are media persons who are sensible enough and doing their job to perfection.

Mohun Bagan is on top of I league table right now, and we really don’t want incidents that affects our coach, let him concentrate and do the job that he is doing so well along with all the players. We want Mohun Bagan to be champions not only for sake of supporters and officials of our club but also for sake of Bengal football.


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