A bunch of mohun bagan supporters and members flocked before the club tent today to share their anger and grief with the club officials at 9am today. The fans did not have to spit on the players or officials or create panic – but were rather calm and quiet in a peaceful protest at the club premises.

It all happened a day before when a Bagan fan Subir Das asked for a peaceful gathering in the club premises to protest against the current situation and poor performance of the senior football team. His message went across to various Mohun Bagan Fan clubs.  The fans and supporters dropped off the banners of respective fan clubs and come under the biggest banner of ‘MOHUN BAGAN’.  The fans shared their sorrows and angers peacefully – and Rahim Nabi came out and talked to the fans.

The fans were there at the club premises till 11am and hoped that the situation will now improve in favour of mohun bagan and their peaceful movement will definitely be not wasted.


Following is from the column of Subir Das –

"Peaceful Protest at Mohunbagan Tent was an overwhelming, roaring success. A team of disciplined Mohunbagan-lovers got their messages across to the concerned parties, without uttering a single word. I personally feel immensely satisfied having taken a pro-active measure towards bringing back the good times !! However the best part is the united effort of all the fan clubs,forum like SMS, MOM, MBG long with some common man like me under 1 banner – MOHUN BAGAN. I wanted all the mariners to pronounce only one word ‘MOHUNBAGAN’.. Today, even if it was for 2 hours, we ceased to become NDA, UPA Govt. like " milijhuli sarkar and became a single party – MOHUN BAGAN. And after the success of this 1st protest and the media attention we received I hope that next time onwards there will be a more fan followers joining in this noble event. And finally I would like to say that Yes , we do have the power , if we are persistent in this cause , to bring a better future for our MOHUN BAGAN." (sic)


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