This week Mohun Bagan Celebrates the birthdays of legends. It kicked off with the birthday of The Footballer of the Century and ends with the birthday of the screen god of generations of Bengalis.
Padmashree Sailendra Nath Manna, Jose Ramirez Barreto and the Late Arun Kumar Chatterjee better known as Uttam Kumar.

In this one week, Mohun Bagan celebrates the birthdays of legends who have served and supported this institution. It is really a pantheon of legends. The week started with the birthday of Padmashree Sailendra Nath Manna on the 1st, the legend who personifies everything Mohun Bagan stands for. His list of awards would takes days to roll out, but to name a few, they are:

1.Included in the list of the 10 best Captains of the world by English FA in 1953.

2. Awarded Padmashree in 1971 by the Government of India.

3. Awarded the "Footballer of the Millennium" by All India Football Federation in 2000.

4. Awarded "Mohun Bagan Ratna" in 2001.

Today is the birthday of J.R. Barreto and the Late Uttam Kumar. A player and an actor, both par excellence in their respective fields of work and both die hard supporters of our club. It would be exetremely difficult for anyone to write about either of them, for they are legends in their own fields.

Like the great Sailen Manna, they exemplify the virtues which makes Mohun Bagan the institution it is today.

 The grace and dignity they exude can rarely be matched and the whole team of MohunBaganClub.Com bows to them and prays to god for the health and happiness of Sri Sailen Manna and Jose Barreto and also prays for the soul of the Late Uttam Kumar.

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