Mohun Bagan will face Churchill Brothers next. The team is not doing well at attacking third, and is facing the issue of lack of a positive striker. Add to it, absence of a positive and experience right medio is creating trouble for the team.

Coach will really have to plan for PLAN B, keeping in mind the limited options he is having. He has more or less set the defense, but his worries are not over when it comes to midfield or striking zone.

Both Pankaj and Yusa are using the left wing – as a result there is a gap between Aibor and them – an opponents are attacking more from that end. At times Eche is moving up – hence Kingshuk is the lone stopper and he is not the best in stopping a good striker of foreign origin. Pritam is doing well on the right but he does not have anybody to cover him when Eche is up.

since Pankar and Yusa are moving up, Denson an Zakeer (again both of them have tendency to  move to the left) covering the middle third, there is a clear vacuum in the right flank. Christopher lacks the abilities of a positive striker , an one can’t depend upon him to score. Sabeeth is off colour, as a result the problem of finishing a good move still persists.

The coach can opt for 5 midfielders instead and should also check if Yusa have a better understanding the shankar Oraon than Pankaj. May be Ram or Ujjwal (until Manish who recently joined back to the practice, iis unavailable) can start from beginning.

Let Yusa and Shankar operate from left, Ram or Ujjwal from right and Zakeer/ Denson from the middle- when one goes up, the other covers him. Let christopher be the lone striker at the top of the box. He is doing well in coming down and defending but really needs to overlap as well.

A 4-5-1 can be a better option than the current 4-4-2.


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