There was a tension among Bagan supporters since Santosh was the referee of the game. However players did well to ensure Santosh could only cancel two goals , to end up winning the game 3-0. Yusa (2) and Duffy were the scorers.


Yusa first scored a goal, and Santosh got a chance to cancel the same. However in two minutes Yusa scored again , and did not allow Santosh to cancel it.


Duffy scored from a Sony free kick. Santosh could not cancel the same.

Another Sony solo found unmarked Yusa who did well to place the ball in far post to get his second. Later Duffy scored another goal but Sony was adjudged offside. All three goals and two rejected had Sony’s assistance.

Bagan was fouled off and on by BFC players, Santosh failed to stop them, and perhaps was not interested to stop them as well. Like Mehtab, Watson was found continuously fouling and getting away. These kind of refereeing is dangerous for the spirit of football. However Santosh is always like that in last few years that raised eyebrows towards his integrity as referee.

Bagan defense played well. It was good to see Sehnaz coming back to shape, and so was Raju. This is a good comeback for Raju.