Mohun Bagan got past Salgaokar FC by 4-2 in a very competitive game here at Barasat today. In the first minute Yusa was pushed inside the box and the referee ignored. The referee later awarded Bagan in a 50/50 situation when Glenn was merely touched. Glenn converted the penalty into a goal.


But much before that, Yusa scored from a Karanjit mistake in the 9th min of the game.

Luciano scored another goal in the first half to make it 3-0. This was first match fpr the Brazilian defender for Bagan.

A Balwant beauty made it 4-0 in the second half. But Salgaokar reduced the margin twice, first when Bagan defense tries an offside trap that did not work out and later when a shot taken outside the box went past far post.


Bagan had Debjit from beginning of the match and that gave Bagan supporters the much needed confidence before the match against the local club on 23rd Jan. Debjit was brilliant under the bars and there is no reason why he should not find his place in first XI. Bagan coaching staff had been working hard to finalize the defense. They would need more time to spend on Kinshuk.

In the midfield Pranoy actually played well excepting one mostake that helped SFC score the second goal. One can definitely rely upon him for the next match as well.

Azhar operated from right today. Though he committed many mistakes , he took the needed load. He would still need to be worked upon. Giving a backpass when three players are in scoring position does not help.

Yusa got back his favorite left half position, but messed up twice in the final third and wasted chances to score. With a good french defender he would have a tough time unless he plays selflessly. Souvik needs to be more constructive.


Glenn alone wasted 4 opportunities. He need to convert more chances to goals.


Balwant meanwhile was excellent like the first game. Cpach can definitely consider Balwant and Jeje together with Glenn in case U-23 can be withdrawn early in the matches.

Luciano was awarded MoM.