Mohun Bagan will play another away game this Sunday. Incidentally the fans observed that a particular team has been getting a lot of blessings from the referees this year as well. This started happening from the very first game when a player was pulled down inside the box and no penalty was given. A team gets penalty for slightest infringement and other teams are deprived of penalties for open fouls.

Last year Mohun Bagan suffered poor refereeing from a similar match – Bagan players were fouled and referee continuously ignored. There has been no improvement in refereeing this year – and one can expect that the referee might not be neutral in the upcoming game as well.

And this is where the question is for AIFF. Can AIFF take this matter seriously, or have the right intention at least to take the matter seriously? In world football refereeing has been shamed from time to time, ILeague is not an exception. Can AIFF ensure the referees are neutral? Can AIFF publish officially what calls referees who will conduct the match, get in the last 7 days (before the game), and ensure the referees are not found in close vicinity of some club officials of any team as well ? Can AIFF officially publish the income of the referees who will participate in the game and ensure there is no discrepancy in the earning of the referees?

Or AIFF will remain mum ?