Mohun Bagan officially have skipped the first official game of the season. Fans have difference in opinions – while a section denounced the move, another section of the fans have supported the move against the parent body’s weakness in handling Tolgay issue. Mohun Bagan win the practice match against Army XI by 6-0. Tolgey , Odafa (2), Stanley, Bijendra and Sabeeth scored for Bagan.

Since Bagan has not participated in the Sahara Kolkata Premier League opener against  Southern Samity, it is expected that Southern Samity will be awarded with 3 points and 2 goals while Bagan will forfeit 2 penalty points in addition to 3 points and 2 goals.

Bagan officials have mentioned that the team will not play the next game against Tollygaunge Agragami if the game is scheduled for 26th April. The supporters will now have to wait for the first game Bagan plays this season. This is not going to happen before September it seems.

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