Mohun Bagan Secretary Anjan Mitra wrote2 letters to IFa Secretary on 16th August 2012. The first letter was about the agreements with Tolgay Ozbey, and the second letter was in response to an email from IFA. In the second letter Anjan Kumar Mitra, MD, United Mohun Bagan Football Team Pvt. Ltd. mentioned that the team will not participate in the scheduled matches of 18th and 26th August respectively. The matches are scheduled against Southern Samity and Tollygaunge Agragamy respectively.

As per the new format of the Sahara Kolkata Premier League, Mohun Bagan is in Group B along with Port Trust, Police AC, Mohammedan Sporting, Tollygaunge Agragamy,  Kalighat,  Bhowanipore, West Bengal Police and Southern Samity.


The top 4 teams from the Group will qualify for the next round.

Group A consists of 10 teams and top 5 will qualify into the second round.

9 teams will then play among each other in a round robin league (which means no carry forward) for the championship.

Incidentally Mohun Bagan is scheduled to play 16 games with 17 teams participating in the Premier league. But this new format ensures that at least 5 teams will not be able to play against Mohun Bagan, while 4 teams will play against Bagan twice.

Incidentalyl IFA has mentioned that FIFA rules will not be followed to decide the champion if top two teams have the same point.

IFA is really doing whatever it can to take Bengal’s football backwards!

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