In the General Elections of Mohun Bagan club, the panel placed by ruling party has won by a convincing margin. For 7 posts, there were no elections as there was no opposition candidate. For General Secretary post, Anjan Mitra got 3215 votes against 144 of opposition while for the post of Finance Secretary, Debasish Dutta got 2963 votes while the opposition got only 314 votes. All the executive committee members of the ruling party panel also has been elected by the voters. The total turnout was around 3500+ members who came to cast their votes.

The total panel of ruling party which has been elected are:

General Secretary: Anjan Kumar Mitra
Assistant General Secretary: Srinjoy Bose
Treasurer: Madan Mohan Dutta
Finance Secretary: Debasish Dutta
Football Secretary: Atindranath Sen
Ground Secretary: Deshapriya Mallik (Swadhin Mallik)
Cricket Secretary: Kashinath Das
Tennis Secretary: Susanta Kumar Saha
Hockey Secretary: Amitabha Banerjee


Aroop Coomar Biswas (2981 votes)
Arun Kumar Chakraborty (3117 votes)
Asit Kumar Chatterjee (3141 votes)
Bidyut Sarkar (3095 votes)
Biren Chatterjee (3121 votes)
Joy Prakash Kandu (3000 votes)
Lakshmi Kanta Modak (3070 votes)
Parthajit Das (3045 votes)
Prabir Kumar Banerjee (3186 votes)
Sisir Kumar Kar (3072 votes)
Tapas Chatterjee (3088 votes)


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