MB Day @ Bangalore27th July 2014, Bangalore :

Mohun Bagan fans @ Bangalore celebrated Mohun Bagan Day on 27th July 2014 in their own way. The supporters invited Noel Wilson for the event , and Noel happily accepted the invitation . Noel came down to “Play Mania” donning his Mohun Bagan jersey and participated in a friendly game between the mariners.

Later, Noel was handed over a small token of appreciation from the Mohun Bagan supporters at the Garden City, and he handed over the newly designed jerseys for the City based fan club to the members.  This was followed by Cutting of Mariners@Bangalore with the cake cake by Noel.


Noel shared his feelings about the National Club of India, and mentioned that he found some learned supporters in Churchill Brothers, and then found learned and crazy supporters when he played for Mohun Bagan. It pains that the club is recently not having any major success he exclaimed. Noel mentioned that the supporters are the real reason behind the clubs like Mohun Bagan. He also mentioned that the players dream to don the green and maroon jersey and it is sheer joy for playing for Mohun Bagan.